My Charter for a Fairer Lincolnshire

  • Make Westminster Pay - for decades our Police chiefs have been fighting for fair funding. It is time to elect someone who will fight for them. I pledge to work tirelessly with the Home Office to ensure Lincolnshire gets a fair deal.

  • Marc Jones wants to raise your tax by 5.9% in the biggest economic shock for 300 years. This is unacceptable. I will keep your taxes low.

  • I will never take from Lincolnshire, only give. Therefore, I will take a pay cut of £25,000, a total of £100,000 over my term putting that money straight into front line policing.

  • No one voted for the deputy PCC, we shouldn’t waste taxpayer’s money. I will sack the unelected deputy investing the £72,000 saved into dealing with rural crime complaints.

  • I promise to fight for and listen to all of Lincolnshire, especially the forgotten about villages and rural communities that don’t feel they get justice anymore.

  • Making our communities safer by having more visible neighbourhood police so we can stamp out the blight of illicit drug usage.

  • Ensure that offenders are brought to justice and more investment in community services to provide opportunities for youngsters and prevent re-offending.

  • Putting Lincolnshire first by investing to improve workplace conditions for our brave Police force. Protecting their morale, so we can prevent as many as our great officers or staff from leaving the force.
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